It’s been almost two months since we’ve launched Woo Import: a Shopify app that makes it easy to migrate from Woo Commerce. Over the past few weeks we’ve been collecting the most common questions about the app and now we’re putting them in one place for future reference. If you have any other questions please write to us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Why doesn’t the app accept my WooCommerce API credentials?

Betwen different versions of WooCommerce or WordPress, different extensions installed and some run on different hosting providers. While we’ve worked hard to make the app run for all WooCommerce sites this means that there’s occasionally a site we might need make a fix for. If you’re API credentials aren’t working we suggest:

How does Woo Import handle WooCommerce’s ‘Description’ and ‘Short Description’?

WooCommerce has a ‘description’ and ‘short description’ field for each product but Shopify only has one description field. Depending on the WooCommerce theme, either of the WooCommerce fields may contain the data you want to import.

The Woo Import app will first look for a product’s ‘description’ field. If that field is empty, it will fall back and use the products ‘short description’ field.

Does Woo Import copy the HTML in product descriptions?

Yes, Woo Import will copy all the HTML content from your WooCommerce store to your Shopify store. One thing to note is that Woo Import copies the product description as-is from WooCommerce. This means that if your product descriptions has links to other pages on your WooCommerce site, those exact same links will still be present in your product’s description in Shopify.

Why didn’t all my products transfer to Shopify?

Over 99% of products transfer without problem from WooCommerce to Shopify. However, in two rare cases it’s not possible to migrate a product from WooCommerce to Shopify:

  • The product’s description is over 65,535 characters long. Shopify imposes a limit on how long a product’s description can be. If your product’s description in WooCommerce is over 65,535 characters long contact us and we can discuss ways to trim the descriptions so Shopify accepts them
  •  The product has more than three attributes for variations. Shopify only supports three attributes for variations (ie, size, color and style). If you have products with more options Shopify won’t accept it.

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