In this article we’ll go through the processes of creating a clearance sale on our Shopify store with our Bulk Product Editor app. We want to offer a 15% discount for all products in the ‘Chairs’ collection with less than 5 units in stock. We’ll cover:

  • Tagging the products we want to include in the sale
  • Setting the ‘compare at’ price out our products
  • Reducing the product prices by 15%
  • Removing the product tags once the sale is complete

If you want to follow along install a free trial of the Bulk Product Editor for Shopify and you can repeat all these steps on your store.

Tagging products in bulk

The first thing we want to do is add a tag named ‘Last Chance!‘ to all the products with less than 5 units in stock. Depending on your theme settings this should be visible to customer and it will also help us identify the products in the future. We’ll do this by adding two filters to our edit:

Filter for the products you want to edit
Filter for the products you want to edit

Once we see the products we want to add click on the Next button. On this page we tell the app how we want to edit the products we just filtered for. Here we’ll say to add the ‘Last Chance!’ tag to all the products:

Adding a tag to multiple products
Adding a tag to multiple products

Once we’ve added the tag we’ll preview the edit to make sure that everything looks good and then we’ll run it:

Preview a Bulk Edit for Shopify
Preview and run the Edit

Depending on the number of products you have this may take several minutes. Fortunately the edits run in background and you can navigate away from the page without loosing your progress.

Setting the ‘compare at’ price of products

Before we decrease the price of our products we want to set the ‘compare at’ price to current price of the product. When we’re all done, this will ensure that the ‘compare at’ price is higher than the sale price and it will show up correctly on your site.

We’ll use the app to set the ‘compare at’ price to the current price of the tagged products:

Bulk editing the 'compare at' price
Bulk editing the ‘compare at’ price

Bulk editing product prices

Now that we have the ‘compare at’ price set up let’s reduce the prices by 15% (in other words, we’re setting the price to be 85% of the current price). We’ll filter for the ‘Last Chance!’ tag again and then run an edit on the price, choosing to round the price to the nearest 95 cents:

Bulk editing the product price
Bulk editing the product price in Shopify


At this point the sale is ready to go, we’ve updated the tags, compare at price, and price and now it’s time to spread the word!

Removing tags from multiple products

Once the sale is finished you might want to remove the ‘Last Chance!’ tags that we added in step one. We have two ways to do this:

  • Undo, or revert, the previous edit that we created
  • Create a new edit to remove the tags

For this example we’ll just undo the previous tag edit to put things back to how they were before. To undo an edit, we’ll click on Edit History on the top right of the app, choose the edit and then click Undo:

Revert an edit to remove the product tag
Revert an edit to remove the product tag


In this article we covered the basic of the Bulk Product Editor app and showed how you can easily launch a sale on a custom selection of products. There’s still lots of other features this blog post didn’t cover (including editing products via CSV/Excel!) but now you know the basics. And as always, if you have any questions feel reach to reach out.

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