We’re pleased to announce the launch of our second Shopify App: Photo Protect

After you’ve worked hard at making sure the product photos on your shop look just right, the last thing you want is someone to use them on their own site. Photo protect is a small app that helps make this more difficult by disabling right-clicking and printing of images on your site. You can also optionally have a message box appear when someone tries to save the image.

The goal of this app is to create roadblocks to people trying to steal your product photos. In many cases they’ll try a couple times, and if they’re not able to get your photos, they’ll move on.

Photo Protect - Shopify App
The Photo Protect admin screen

Photo protect isn’t 100% foolproof, you need your product images to be sent to people’s browsers so they can see them, but it can help make them more difficult to steal.

Check out our app by clicking on the link below:

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