We’ve just updated our Bulk Editor app to let you edit the fulfillment service for products. The fulfillment service is a third-party warehouse that prepares and ships your orders for you and is often used if you’re dropshipping your products. Shopify comes with several fulfillment services built-in and the ability to add custom ones as well.

Fulfillment services are available in the Shipping section of your shop’s admin

With the Bulk Editor app you can edit the fulfillment services for a collection of products. For example, you can set all products from a specific vendor to be fulfilled by Amazon:

Edit the fulfillment service for products in bulk

A Note About App Permissions

If you already have the Bulk Editor app installed you’ll see a new permissions dialog the first time you reload the app:

New permissions for the Bulk Editor app

This dialog is asking for extra permissions which allow us to see which fulfillment services you have on your shop. Despite what the dialog says, we cannot see your orders with this permission setting. (Technically, we’re requesting the read_fulfillment permission for your shop. To see orders we would also need the read_orders permission which we do not ask for.)