Back in January 2can Apps released the Bulk Product Editor app to enable shop owners to quickly edit products. Since then Shopify store owners have used the app to edit hundreds of thousands of products. Today we’re please to announced the app is out of beta and ready for general use.

The Bulk Editor lets you quickly filter for the products you want to edit

Thanks to feedback from early users we added CSV editing

We are very thankful to all our beta users who identified bugs and made feature suggestions. We’ve added multiple features since the beta launch including more edit options and CSV editing. CSV editing in particular has been a huge hit as it helps users sync data between different inventory systems.

Use the Bulk Editor to upload a CSV file with your edits

More to come…

Just because the Bulk Product Editor app is out of beta doesn’t mean we’re done improving it. We’re continuously improving it and always looking for new suggestions. If have any questions or ideas for improvement let us know!

Don’t have the app installed yet?

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